Celebrate chicago’s top team with a bears theme party filled with fun party games for all bears diehards

Commemorate the Chicago Bears with a fun Bears celebration for all Chicago Bears fans. Use pint beer glasses as receptors to toss ping pong balls in. the beer glass the outermost far from the throwing line is 10 points. The gamer that can amount to the greatest variety of factors in 10 rounds of play (three round tosses per round) is the champion. The purpose of this game is to cover the entire Chicago Bears balloon with cutting lotion. A Pizza Consuming Contest would be perfect for any kind of Chicago-themed event. Chicago is recognized for a few of the best pizza in the country. Keeping that being claimed, see who can devour the most pizza within a specific limit. While enjoying the pizza is recommended, see that can enjoy and eat the most pizza. The hoop has to be entirely around the prize and also the stand to win. Urge all to play the Chicago Bears party games and also honor all party game victors celebration favors.

We announce a competition for the best party game. Write your ideas in the comments and we will reward the most interesting of them.

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